Jamin B. Children’s Boutique is a family-owned business. Our mission is to provide unique, high quality and special customized clothing for children at an affordable price. Satisfy our customers with great merchandise and customer service. Giving Mothers and fathers a wide variety to choose from different clothing designs. Customized handmade clothing and accessories for your little ones.


Jamin B. Children’s Boutique was founded in 2018 by Phelita. She had her second son who was an inspiration to starting this store. She would crochet baby blankets and clothing for him. She would also sew clothing items for family member’s such as skirts and shirts. Sewing and crocheting was fun and relaxing for her. Phelita recalled going to the grocery store with her son. He was only seven months old. It was the wintertime. The cashier at the register came from behind the register and stated,” where did you get the crochet blanket.” She replied, “I made it.” The cashier grabbed the blanket touching it with both hands and looking at. Phelita fell in love with fashion at the age 15. Phelita was nominated for High School Superlative best dress of her senior class. Jamin B. Children’s Boutique focus is to supply the latest trend and customize children clothing that you will not see in children’s stores.